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Roma Flames

Draco Dual Flame (New Colors!)

Draco Dual Flame (New Colors!)

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Dual Flame

Press the ignition switch to set off the blue flame and release the switch for the flame to transfer to lighter head.


100% reusable, just fill it up with your lighter butane gas of choice and you are ready to light!

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7-18 business days for most international orders (depending on location). Some orders may take slightly longer. This is rare but it is unpredictable and out of our control.

Increase/Decrease Intensity

To increase/decrease flame intensity use a small flathead screwdriver (or anything you can use as a flathead screwdriver) and turn the circular metal opening located at the bottom of the lighter towards the (+) symbol for a higher intensity flame or towards the (-) symbol for a lower intensity flame.

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Are your lighters refillable?

Yes all lighters we have are refillable.

How much do you charge for shipping ?
We offer FREE shipping worldwide!

Do the lighters come with lighter fluid?
Unfortunately due to international safety shipping regulations, we cannot send the lighters filled with lighter fluid. 

Will I be charged with taxes?
All prices shown are with tax included.

How can I cancel my order?
Please use the "Contact Us" page to request an order cancellation within 4 hours of placing your order and we will proceed to cancel your order No Questions Asked.

Will my coloured flame lighter have this color forever?
Unfortunately, the vibrant colored flame is not a permanent feature. This captivating color change is a result of the burning of specific elements, which are gradually depleted over time. Consequently, the colors cannot be sustained indefinitely.

*Due to shipping safety regulations, transport of lighter fluid is hazardous and for this reason our lighters do not include butane. Although you can purchase for about $2-$3.*

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*Due to International shipping safety regulations, our lighters DO NOT INCLUDE BUTANE.*
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Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews



I never received my package

Charlene Davis
Came with a Gift

Love the build of this lighter and everything was working fine when i got it, it even came with a small filter as a gift.

Jeremy M.Chartrand
Excellent double flamed lighter.

I was a bit sceptical about purchasing this lighter at first and it took about 2 weeks to receive. The lighter is excellent. You flip the crocodile up and light it with torch flame then when you let go of torch flame, regular flame comes from the mouth of the crocodile. Very unique and intriguing mechanism. I will definitely be acquiring another one.

Aliya Anderson
Ill be back with an update

Very well packaged, high quality for the price, but does not come with gas so I can't confirm that it works well, but you can fill it up.